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Feds help provide high speed Internet

Feds help provide high speed Internet

The federal government will help provide high-speed internet access to nearly 2,600 homes in the Sault and area over the next few years, Sault Ste. Marie and area MP Brian Hayes announced Tuesday.

The enhanced service is an effort by Ottawa to connect an addition 280,000 households across the country, in rural and remote regions, to internet service at minimum speeds of five megabits per second.

“Today’s broadband infrastructure announcement is great news for the Sault area,” Hayes said in a prepared statement.

“The Harper Government understands the importance of high-speed Internet access for communities like ours. Connecting Canadians demonstrates the government’s commitment to delivering for rural Canadians,” said the local member of Parliament.

Ottawa is partnering with dozens of internet service providers to construct the infrastructure necessary to provide new or improved services to help Canadians perform what have become daily tasks online, such as banking, education and communication, the press release states.

Access to new services will improve economic opportunities and lead to the creation of new jobs, products and services.

The government initiative is an effort to help more Canadians take advantage of opportunities offered in the digital age.

“Today’s announcement marks the next important phase in our plan to bring the benefits of high-speed internet to 280,000 Canadian households,” said Minister of Industry, James Moore.

“Providing Canadians with access to high-speed internet for learning, business opportunities and so much more is key to creating a more connected, digital Canada.”

In its 2013 throne speech, the Stephen Harper Government earmarked $305 million over five years to extend and enhance broadband service.

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Are internet service providers keeping tabs on your browsing?

The Toronto Star contacted Bell, Rogers and TekSavvy to see what kind of information the companies keep about the websites their customers visit

What does your internet service providers know about your internet browsing habits?
The Toronto Star contacted three popular internet service providers (ISPs) in Toronto — Bell, Rogers and TekSavvy — to see what kind of information the companies keep that can track the websites their customers visit.
But first, some background. Customers are assigned a new IP address, or Internet Protocol address, whenever their modem connects to the internet. The IP address is a series of numbers that acts as an address online, telling a website where to deliver its data. If, for example, a Hollywood studio wants to find out who downloaded a TV episode illegally, they would try to acquire the user’s IP address then ask an ISP for the name associated with that number.
When asked whether the companies log such information, the responses from the internet services providers varied considerably.

TEKSAVVY - Greater Toronto Area was with the Rogers Express and Extreme packages

 $45 per month
 about 5 days
 Bell Canada
 "Truly Unlimited Package, Amazing Customer Service and No Hidden Fees"
 "Package speeds (same with all DSL resellers)"
 "Great ISP, Can't recommend them enough!

After having been with Rogers for 8 years in the Greater Toronto Area (and being used to the Rogers "Express" & "Extreme" packages), I moved to a non-Rogers serviced area west of Ottawa in 2006. For 2 years, I fought with serious line quality issues, amplification via load-coils, a ~24,000-foot copper loop length (copper to this CO and then copper from this CO to the next town CO 6 KM away) and MultiLink PPP via 4x 56K modems.

Over the last 18 months, I've been through the fixed wireless gamut, first with Storm Wireless (which worked well minus the occasional disconnect and an antenna failure), but was subsequently bought out by Barrett Xplornet (who replaced all the customer premise equipment with Motorola 3.5 GHz gear).

Best Internet Provider In Ontario Canada

London, ON
$30 per month
"Fast and stable"
"None so far"
"This is one of the best, same as used to be."

Since I don't use that much bandwidth I joined the one with 200GB cap...transfered from Execulink on 31/12/2009 was smooth....I started with Teksavvy in the New Year

Will soon switch my land line to them soon, since I already uses their internet and LongDistance service.

Why I Cancelled with Rogers and Sympatico

30$ per month
about 5 days
"Friendly, incredibly helpful, and extremely knowledgeable staff."
"By far the best ISP I've ever dealt with for both business and home service."

I've been using a 6 mb line at home for about 3 years now (less than $40 month for Dry DSL) and 2 years at work where we have 4 lines with static IPs in place for $75 per line- less than the cost of a single 3 mb line with our old provider. Unbelievable value. I'm using Speedtouch 516's in on all lines.

They let you use the lines however you see fit with whatever geeky services you want to run, such as running a web server over the line. We've never had unscheduled downtime at my workplace, unlike our previous 'big league' ISP where we were down about 1 day per quarter. Same goes for my home service.

Teksavvy 2013 Review

Review for 2013 of Teksavvy

Okay many years ago when this company was new  I was very pleased with, however many years have passed and a recently receiving the comments listed below and felt the comments summarize many viewers and readers response/comments.

So after 8 years of DSL service from Teksavvy and now 2 years with Cable Internet from Teksavvy my feelings and 'YOU' the readers comments are as follow;
Quality:   Teksavvy is a leach to ROGER internet and Bell Internet with "NO" distinction in quality, Teksavvy is simply a reseller to the service from other ISP (internet providers Bell/Rogers)
Support:   With the support they now offer,  TEKSAVVY is a Cancer.  Extremely long delay when dialing into support "every time".
The repeated message "we are receiving high call volumes ever day for the last 4 years".  Wake up owner of TEKSAVVY, wake up Rocky !!!!

Service Packages

Residential DSL Services

The Linksys WRT54GL is sold as is with a 10 days warranty from the shipping date. This warranty is limited to 10 days because a third party firmware (Tomato/MLPPP) has been installed; therefore voiding any original manufacturer warranty. All routers are preconfigured and tested to insure that they are fully functional prior to shipping.
The price of the Linksys WRT54GL is a special offer while quantities last. This router can only be purchased by current TekSavvy clients with one of our High Speed Internet services (High Speed DSL or Dry-Loop DSL) or purchased by new TekSavvy clients signing up for one of our High Speed Internet services. One router per client only.

This service is intended as a two-tiered option where you can go DSL Unlimited or Premium. The only difference between the Unlimited and Premium service is that the Premium service has a 200GB/mo. Cap. Call for further details!
  • No Activation fees!
  • Includes 3 E-Mail Addresses
  • 5M Personal Web Space
  • Static IP for only $4/mo.
  • Subnets
    • /30 2 IPS (/30 subnets) $5/mo.
    • /29 6 IPS (/29 subnets) $10/mo.
    • /28 14 IPS (/28 subnets) $20/mo.
  • Filters $4.99/each
  • Modem Purchase
    1. Speedtouch 516
      • Purchase for $75
      • Rent to Own ($25 + $10/mo. for 6 mo.)
    2. SpeedTouch 546
      (4 ports)
      • Purchase for $99
    3. SpeedTouch 585
      (Modem/4 ports/Wireless)
      • Purchase for $130
  • Other Charges
    • Additional Bandwidth - $0.25/GB/mo.
    • Pre-Purchased Blocks - $10/100GB/mo.
    • $25 - Moving during the first month of the activation date
    • $25 - For any speed change after activation(ex: from 5 Meg to Basic, ...)

Compare Internet Providers in Canada - Teksavvy Bell Rogers First Year Pricing

Canadian Internet Providers Comparison
3 Providers - Teksavy, Bell, Rogers for first year pricing


The comparison might look like;
(ISP service charges are different in Quebec or other proviences)
Taxes excluded or may vary

First year with Internet Service Provider(ISP)

First year Teksavvy

5Mbps (200gig limit) plan
$384.40 -(($29.95) x12)+$25 modem purchase (may have to add $10 shipping for modem)

First year Bell

7Mbps (60+30 gig limit) plan
$689.45 -($49.95x12 + $10.00x12)+$20 activation-$49.95 first month free no contract, included $2 modem rental.

First year Rogers